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The History of PonyBun® Hair Bun

I’m an ordinary mom with three active children. I don’t have much time to mess with my medium length, wavy thick hair. It takes forever to create hairstyles, so I typically let it air dry. But finding an easy way to put it into an updo was difficult. I tried every hair product out there, but the only thing that worked for me was a ponytail holder. That’s how I came up with the idea for the PonyBun® hair accessory. I wanted to start with a ponytail and turn it into something more finished. I wanted to be able to wear it to work and look professional but also to use it for everyday errands, working out, and whenever I wanted to pull my hairdo up easily. I went through many prototypes and in the end settled on three simple elements – a ponytail holder, a pouch and a comb – all connected in one easy to use PonyBun.

It turned out that the PonyBun® was an ideal “ballerina hair bun” and was a miracle fix for my daughters’ dance classes. All of the other parents and kids wanted one! That got me thinking about other hairstyles and uses. I got a patent and started a company with the goal of making “Simple, Secure, and Stylish” updo hairstyles as easy as buying a PonyBun® hair bun. Over the years I have had amazing feedback from women who have used PonyBun® hair accessories for themselves and their daughters, saving time and trouble while looking great.

I am always looking for new and creative ways to use our many PonyBun® hair accessories. See these on our YouTube channel.

Susan Michaud
Owner and Inventor
PonyBun® Products, Inc.

You can contact me at smichaud@ponybun.com.

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